CHERAINTI Magnetic Screen Door - Hands Free Mesh Curtain with Full Frame

CHERAINTI Magnetic Screen Door - Hands Free Mesh Curtain with Full Frame

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      Makes your life more comfortable! This is the right way to enjoy the breeze in your house leaving the doors open.The reason of choosing CHERAINTI Magentic Screen Door:
      1. Solid and durable: Magnets are hidden inside the seam. Super-duty Hook and Loop around EVERY inch.Toughest and heavy duty mesh construction. The bottom weight makes screen door hang straightly, you do not need to worry about wind will be blew your screen door. 
      2. Ventilation and anti-mosquito: Using a combination of long magnet strips and strong magnet blocks instead of plastic clips leaves no gaps for bugs to sneak in. Magnets are sewn into the seam provides a perfect seal from top to bottom. Using increased density of screening, keep even the smallest insects out.
      3. More quickly to close: Magnetic stripes and magnetic patches arranged by the way of interval combination, no seams in the middle. Features a strong magnetic fastening that allows you to walk through it without using your hands at all. When you walk through the door, the center edges of the screen separate because they are held together with magnets. And once you've passed through, the two sides flop back together and close up. 
      4. More convenient: Without ANY TOOLS required for installation, simply attach the hook and loop fasteners tape to the screen frame, peel off the paper backing, then you can enjoy some peace of mind, easily and hassle-free. No damage, No need for disassembly, easy to wash and can be used repeatedly. Children and pets can move freely in and out, no need to open the door for them. 
      5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Keeping you satisfied is our priority. If you don't like it, you can return it for a FULL refund. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today.
      1.Carefully measure your door and door frame. Don't choose the size that is smaller than your door frame. 
      2.Read instructions before installation.

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